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Down one of the empty halls is a large room with several desks covered in paper yellowed with age. Rusted tools are strewn about and a single plant hangs from the ceiling. The spot of green is a large contrast to the white/grey/black color scheme the rest of the facility sports but the plant only catches your attention. It does not keep it.

What does is the human to your left. She is sitting atop a desk in the corner, knees pulled up to her chest. One arm is wrapped around her legs while the other holds a yellowed paper in its hand. Her eyes scan it, then brows furrow as she tosses it aside. It floats gently to the floor despite the force with which she threw it. She then puts that arm around her legs as well, now effectively hugging her knees. A sigh escapes her as she lowers her head onto her hands.

She hasn't noticed you yet. What do you do?


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Julia Pendleton
United States
Hi there. I'm a former employee of Aperture Laboratories. I was a personality core engineer and leader of the team that created the Intelligence Dampening Core.

GLaDOS was a failed project, but my superiors insisted that she could be fixed. I refused to give up my precious Pendleton (the core's name), but they took him from me anyway. I was put in stasis as punishment for being insubordinate.

I woke up recently, and a lot has changed. GLaDOS is active. Parts of the facility are in ruins. The art of a fellow employee covers some of the walls.

I learned some of what happened from some nanobots, but not much. GLaDOS killed everyone, but not before they wiped Pendleton's memory. Apparently he goes by the name Wheatley now. And there was a girl who got out recently.

I've given myself several assignments to keep busy.

1. Find out if Doug is alive like me. It's his art on the walls. I recognize the style.
Assignment Completed. - He is alive and in stasis with a bullet wound in the leg. He looks so frail and ragged now. I'm not sure what to do.

2. Locate Pendleton/Wheatley. Help him recover his deleted files.
Half Complete. - He's outside Aperture. He's safe. I still need to recover his memory.

3. Figure out who this girl in all of Doug's art is.
Assignment Completed. - It's Chell. Hard to imagine that little girl has grown so much.

4. Escape. Preferably with Doug.


((This is an ask & RP account for a Portal fancharacter. Mostly RP, but she will answer questions if you have any.

When it comes to RP, no R-18 stuff, and Julia doesn't do well with romance (unless it's with Rattmann. She has a crush on him). I will RP with other Portal OCs who are in the facility, or canon characters who haven't left by the end of Portal 2, like GLaDOS and Rattmann.))

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Um.. Julia?
Has any scientist made a Charmer Core?
As I recall there was quite an overabundance of cores as all the teams had different ideas on what would work and what wouldn't. I didn't get a chance to visit them all. Many of them are likely offline now. Poor things.

I don't see what purpose a core like that would've served but I can't say no for certain. Some teams had very out-of-the-box ideas. Why do you ask?
Really? cause actually I found this core :iconcharmercore:
Oh. Well like I said, I couldn't be sure. I'll have to go and greet him.
(1 Reply)
Hey... You're the scientist that was walking around before!

So you must know so much about adventures! or maybe the fat boss...
Oh, another core that's still active? Wonderful to meet you. I'm Julia.

I've had quite the adventure just trying to stay alive here. I'm not sure why you're so interested. It's not the good kind of adventure.

Fat boss? Oh, GLaDOS. Robots aren't fat. Her size is proportionate to her function, or so I was told. Nice to see I'm not the only one who dislikes her though.
Nice to meet you too,name's Alice by the way...

Well,I like adventures cause it gets the thrill and excitement!

A lot dislikes her since she threw the moro- I MEAN Wheatley to space...
You were about to say moron weren't you? I'm going to advise you to watch what you say about the Intelligence Dampening core around me. You didn't know so I'll let it slide, but he means the world to me.

On a different subject, I like your name Alice. I suppose you're right about adventures but I'd much prefer to have a less life-threatening one.
(1 Reply)
Julia! Great news! Autumn has pictures of Wheatley's journey! Because well.... Chell's journey was made into a game.... anyway.... wanna see em'?
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